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We have taken on the task of developing advanced lighting technologies for industrial applications and today offer full-service lighting planning, specialized industry solutions, and advanced LED lighting technology at a sustainable level. As a result, more and more companies have entrusted us with their lighting planning and now rely on the quality of lichtline products. Thanks to long-lasting business relationships, many great projects have emerged,

which we do not want to withhold from you. The lighting has always been adapted to the customer's needs, circumstances, and specific requirements. Some projects have also grown from year to year and now include a whole range of our luminaires. See for yourself our work and take a look at our reference projects. Get inspired, and perhaps soon we will feature your story here as well. 

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In the wire and cable industry, NIEHOFF GmbH & CO. KG is one of the world's leading providers of wire drawing machines and wire drawing systems. With several branches spread around the globe, NIEHOFF is also an environmentally conscious company on an international level. As part of a factory hall modernization at its headquarters in Schwabach, our ClickLUX 2.0 light strip system ensured uniform lighting with moderate brightness in the production halls. Previously darker areas are now a thing of the past, as employees can now work under optimal lighting conditions thanks to a lighting concept tailored to NIEHOFF's needs.


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Public Utility Company of Erlangen


In 1949, the Stadtwerke took over the operation of the Erlangen city transport and have since been responsible for the smooth running of the bus service in the university town. 19 bus lines transport up to 12.8 million passengers annually over a total route network of 237km. To properly maintain and care for the buses, there are several bus depots, parking facilities, a car wash, a paint shop, and a dedicated workshop available. In recent years, investments have been made in lighting to create optimal working conditions for the employees. As part of the modernization, we developed solutions for the indoor and outdoor areas. Learn more about the project and a satisfied customer.

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company_project_Car Paint Shop Hofer

Hofer Car Painting Shop


Auto Paint Shop Hofer specializes in accident and industrial painting using state-of-the-art technology. They are known as experts in the painting of fine mechanical small parts in the automotive industry. By installing approximately 70 IndustryLUX LANARA 2.0 lights, every area in the paint shop's halls was evenly illuminated, creating optimal visual conditions for the employees. The processing and color accuracy of the paints can now be observed with great precision.

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Fire Department Schwaig


Since 1861, the Volunteer Fire Department Schwaig has been in operation to extinguish fires and rescue people in emergency situations. When the sirens sound, every second counts - because those seconds can determine life or death, or whether a building burns down to its foundations. Without adequate lighting, firefighters lose valuable minutes. By installing five blue IndustryLUX TUBOLA lights in the fire station of the Volunteer Fire Department Schwaig, we ensured sufficient basic lighting during twilight and at night. The search for the light switch is now a thing of the past.

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company_projects_Autohaus Kruell

Car Shop Krüll


For 85 years, Autohaus Krüll has been pursuing its passion for automobiles. The Krüll Group now employs around 550 employees at branches in Hamburg, Lower Saxony, and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. At the Rostock location, our IndustryLUX TUBOLA in the blue color tone has transformed a 12-meter-high Ford pylon into a real eye-catcher. With our lights, we not only create a great lighting effect but also demonstrate how advertising can be brilliantly staged while saving energy. Learn more about the "Leuchtturm von Dierkow" and a customer who will continue to work with lichtline.

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Rösler Oberflächentechnik


A flagship company through and through. Rösler Oberflächentechnik has made a name for itself in three generations and is a pioneer in the field of vibratory finishing and shot blasting technology. The company, headquartered in Untermerzbach in Lower Franconia, has been committed to a long-term and sustainable mindset for 80 years, which is why it chose to collaborate with lichtline. Together, we have designed a lighting concept that has been expanded over the years, and now an impressive range of lichtline products adorns the halls and office ceilings of Rösler. See for yourself and take a look at our work.

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The machine park of ONLINEPRINTERS is quite impressive - with almost 200 printing units, the company is one of the largest offset printers in Europe. With such dimensions, special requirements are placed on the lighting. For example, glare should be avoided in quality control. Various challenges such as paper dust, acids, and moisture should not affect the lights. Together, the right lighting for the respective areas was determined, and with the help of our lighting planners, an exemplary result was achieved.

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Naturbühne Trebgast


Recently, the Naturbühne in Trebgast has been shining in new splendor. Located on the Wehlitzer Berg in the heart of Upper Franconia since 1953, it was equipped with new lights by lichtline in 2019 and 2022 in various areas: the foyer and the stage area are now illuminated with the latest LED technology. This allows the venue, which has been awarded the Cultural Prize of the Kulmbach District and the Cultural Prize of the Oberfrankenstiftung, among others, to showcase its stars in the best possible light.

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