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Evaluation & Consulting

How your light source becomes innovation


You want to upgrade your lighting or need a completely new concept, but you're not sure where to start? No problem! With us, you'll get the right lighting specialists to fulfill all your wishes and develop the optimal concept for you. For this, we discuss your construction project, inspect your existing system, and together, based on your conditions and goals, find a suitable lighting solution. We leave nothing to chance. Therefore, during your project, the existing systems are first inspected and documented.

Our planning department will create a professional lighting design for you based on this and analyze the cost-effectiveness to determine the potential savings compared to the old lighting system. During a product sampling of different luminaires, we will explain the structure, installation, and functions of the products, so you know what you're getting. Taking into account the legal and structural conditions, we will tailor your wishes to reality. Let's create your perfect lighting solution together.


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