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Carshop Krüll

The Lighthouse of Dierkow


Started by company founder Carl Krüll in 1934, Autohaus Krüll has been pursuing its passion for automobiles for 85 years. The company employs around 550 employees at its branches in Hamburg, Lower Saxony, and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Each year, additional car manufacturers have been added to the lineup, so alongside Ford, you can also find brands like Opel, Toyota, or Jaguar. To highlight the Ford logo at the Rostock location, seven blue illuminated IndustryLUX TUBOLA lights were installed. 

Moreover, the illuminated pillar is not only a real eye-catcher for customers of Autohaus Krüll. Residents in the Dierkow district, where Autohaus Krüll is located, affectionately refer to the illuminated 12-meter pylon as the "Leuchtturm von Dierkow" (Lighthouse of Dierkow). Our IndustryLUX TUBOLA lights have been so well received that further projects in collaboration with Autohaus Krüll at the Rostock location are being planned.

Exterior Lighting

Using Carshop Krüll as an Example


A Real Eye-Catcher

for every carshop


The 12-meter high Ford pylon could become a landmark of the Dierkow district as it shines in blue, matching the Ford logo. Seven IndustryLUX TUBOLA lights were installed here as a billboard. The moisture-proof luminaire is not only waterproof and weather-resistant due to its high protection class but also withstands temperature fluctuations thanks to the pressure equalization membrane. The diffuse polycarbonate tube distributes the light and creates a uniform illumination. 

The luminaire features through-wiring, making it easy to connect multiple lights. With the Quick-Snap system, it can be quickly installed without the need for tools. The LED technology of the luminaire is energy-saving and cost-effective. Carshop Krüll will definitely be rewarded with a stunning color effect for a longer period.


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