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Light design & Sensor­ planning

Light effect, even before installation


Since humans began harnessing the brightness of fire 300,000 years ago, a lot has changed. From fire to incandescent bulbs to modern Human Centric Lighting - light can do so much more than just illuminate. Based on state-of-the-art LED technology, we support the natural needs of your employees through optimal light calculation and sensor planning, placing them at the center of this process. Uniform and optimal workplace lighting creates a comfortable atmosphere and enhances the performance of employees. Our capabilities are as diverse as our product range because not everyone is the same - older individuals, for example, require more light than younger ones. But for every application, the principle remains: the better the technology behind it, the better the result.


It is scientifically proven that poor lighting conditions have an impact on the human circadian rhythm. For example, it can lead to reduced melatonin secretion, causing fatigue and favoring fatigue-related accidents. This, in turn, affects concentration and increases the risk of accidents. In order to maximize performance potential, lighting should have a supportive function and facilitate work processes. In our light calculation and sensor planning at lichtline, we also take into account details such as daylight, conduct light and color measurements, all based on your individual needs. We illuminate your desires.


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